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Desudo Executor

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DesudoV2 Features

  •  Isolated Lua & JS executor (execute both Lua and JavaScript scripts in an isolated environment, making your script as undetected as one of the server's own scripts.)


  •  Dumper (all files, such as sounds, .js, .html, etc.. cars, models, peds, etc. are encrypted and can't be dumped.)


  •  Realtime server and client event logger (shows you any event the client or server trigger with an argument viewer. can be used to find obfuscated or hidden events by triggering them   and viewing the arguments.)


  •  Server event blocker (can be used to block anticheat ban events, screenshots, and basically any event. blocked events will still be shown in the event logger.)


  •  Disable server events (server event blocker for all events rather than specific ones. can be used to find anticheat ban events without getting banned and various other things.)


  •  Trigger scanner (dumps and scans the entire server for server events, client events, or both. can be exported to clipboard for easy sharing with friends or easier viewing.)  
  •                                                                                                                                                     Link to Purchase https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/fSrDkRx


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