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    Version 69.420.1


    These modmenus bypass chocohax, but don't forget to read README.txt 🙂
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    Version 4.2.0


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    Version 1.0.0


    This is BrutanPremium lua menu
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    RedEngines Premium Lumia Menu is packed with loads of features if your looking for a quality Paid Menu Exclusive to RedEngine This Might Be For You 😎 Purchase Link: https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/5CPfb0q 🏦 💸
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    FiveMock is a simple but powerful cheat for FiveM, which has never been detected before and offers an easy-to-use GUI, Lua executor, and Anti-cheat blocker that works flawlessly on every server, as well as a resource manager (dumper and stopper) and much more! There are two editions of FiveMock Premium Edition & Standard Edition FiveMock Premium Edition brings the following below FiveMock Standard Edition brings the following below Lifetime Access ✓ • Access for one month ✓ Lifetime Support ✓ • Support for one month ✓ Frequent Updates ✓ • Frequent Updates ✓ To Purchase Dm me GodJustin999#1869 and go here https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/njOjTOB
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    I've added some new videos to our media area check it out 😄 Also Please leave any suggestions on what you would like me to bring here to 420gods club leave them down below any products you guys are interested in me getting for you all im all ears for what you guys have to say hope you all are enjoying your day or night what ever time it is wherever you are ❤️ -Godharris420✨
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    Version 2.4


    numpad 6 to open
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just 40 different lua menus
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    Version 420.420.420.420.420.420.420.420


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    Desudo Lua executer allows u to inject a menu into fivem and execute scripts to give yourself money weapons pretty much anything u desire.
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    This Spoofer Will Permanently Remove ChocoHax Bans 250Day/14Day Bans & G-Life (Server Ban) A NEW SOCIAL CLUB REQUIRED & STEAM IN ORDER TO BE UNBANNED Link to purchase https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/ylk1UBX UPDATED 5/26/2022
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    RedEngine is a New type of Lua executor that Has in-game overlay! (No more tabing out of the game) Stop resources (You can stop a script from running for you) Undetected for (98% ACS) Can dump (javascript, lua, dll, images, html, meta and much more! everything client-side) If you are interested in purchasing this product please Dm me on discord & go to the link below 💞😁 GodJustin999#1869 (Last updated 7/2/2021) Link to purchase https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/4mnT98t
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    DesudoV2 Features Isolated Lua & JS executor (execute both Lua and JavaScript scripts in an isolated environment, making your script as undetected as one of the server's own scripts.) Dumper (all files, such as sounds, .js, .html, etc.. cars, models, peds, etc. are encrypted and can't be dumped.) Realtime server and client event logger (shows you any event the client or server trigger with an argument viewer. can be used to find obfuscated or hidden events by triggering them and viewing the arguments.) Server event blocker (can be used to block anticheat ban events, screenshots, and basically any event. blocked events will still be shown in the event logger.) Disable server events (server event blocker for all events rather than specific ones. can be used to find anticheat ban events without getting banned and various other things.) Trigger scanner (dumps and scans the entire server for server events, client events, or both. can be exported to clipboard for easy sharing with friends or easier viewing.) Link to Purchase https://shoppy.gg/@GodHarris420/groups/fSrDkRx
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